About Me

Inner Wisdom + Practical Solutions

My journey with emotional eating and body dissatisfaction began when I was incredibly young and led to my first official diet when I was ten.


I believed with all my heart that if I lost weight, I would feel normal, fit in with my friends, and be able to wear a bathing suit without feeling like I wanted to hide.


This began decades of dieting, food obsession, emotional eating, bingeing/purging, and an emptiness inside that no amount of food would satisfy. I bounced from diet to diet, counted points, calories, macros, and did everything I could to shrink my body. 

I was exhausted from feeling out of control with food and falling off the diet roller coaster.

How could I have raised amazing children, managed a successful career, created close friendships, started a business, and yet couldn’t stick to a diet, lose weight or “fix” me?

It took a tragedy in our family to re-evaluate my life and wonder what it would feel like to have a peaceful relationship with food and my body, and be “enough” regardless of size, shape and weight.

And so, the journey to healing my relationship with food, my body and most importantly, ME, began.

I no longer wake up and immediately obsess about cutting carbs out because I don't binge anymore.  I no longer sneak cookies and worry that my secret will be revealed because someone's found the empty box!  I now stand in front of the mirror and feel respect and compassion for all that my body does for me.  

You don’t have to wait any longer to step into your power and take back what is rightfully yours Freedom and Peace. You are far too important to waste any more time on another diet or buy into the belief that you’re not good enough.


Life’s too short, lovely Soul.  Let's work together so you can be 100% in control of food instead of believing that food controls you.    

Imagine who you could be.  

A woman who:  

  • Lives authentically balanced between her head and her heart,

  • Sees her value and finds no reason to compare herself to anyone else,

  • Lives peacefully with food, enjoys and savours it, and is mindful of its value.

  • Finds the grace and space within herself to value her amazing body, even when she can’t always love all her parts,

  • Is compassionate with herself – especially around weight, size and shape,

  • Has confidence, speaks her truth (respectfully) even when it’s not convenient for others, and challenges beliefs that stop her from being her own best friend.

Stepping into your power you can:

  • Change negative thoughts and beliefs about you, food, and your body.

  • Change the story you’ve been living to reflect confidence, compassion and self-worth.

  • Reconnect with your amazing body and tap into her inner Wisdom and your Intuition.

  • Create the relationship you want with food on your terms.

  • Be present with all your feelings so you don’t have to swallow them or push them away.

  • Finally feel you are “enough”, no matter your size, shape, or weight.

How do you get there?  

If you’re ready to create your own peaceful relationship with food and your body, stop bingeing, emotional eating, walk away from food and diet obsession and addiction, and learn how to reconnect with your body's signals for hunger and fullness, I’m here to help.  

This work is powerful and life changing.

Throughout our work together, I offer a mix of trauma-informed coaching, eating psychology, energy healing, EFT/NLP, Choice Theory, Meditation and Mindfulness as well as years of experience counselling/coaching women. 

Are you ready for the journey to find peace and freedom with food and your body?