"Joan is an exceptionally warm and inviting person, whose genuine and non-judgemental interest in my experience and aspirations has inspired me to discover and explore possibilities I would never have expected for my life.
She is deeply intuitive and insightful, and has a way of helping me find aspects of myself I didn’t know were there.  Her capacity to formulate questions that challenge my thinking has enabled me to identify barriers to my personal growth, and her encouragement and support have given me the courage to defy them.
If I hadn’t met Joan, if she hadn’t inspired my trust, I wouldn’t be doing things I find so enjoyable and rewarding today."


"Joan helped me through a very difficult time when I felt I was in a hole I couldn’t climb out of, and I wanted to do was to run away from it.  Working with Joan helped me find the perspective I needed to deal with the challenging situations I was struggling with. Her gentle questions and the tools she offered, helped me look at these situations with new eyes, and gave me the sanity I needed in my life.  Thank you Joan!  You saved me from this difficult time and helped me find peace and perspective."


“The only word that can come close to describing my experience of Joan’s Self Love for the WISER Woman Intensive program is LIFE-CHANGING!

Joan’s gentleness, availability, knowledge and the fact that she worked through this herself made her the ideal guide through my approximate 55 years of self-destructive weigh-hate jumble.

I am on the other side now.  Joan taught me how to “do the work” with doable (mostly fun) exercises, powerful resources and very good questions.  I now have the tools to keep on an even keel.

I found the group format valuable.  We are so not alone in our quest to get to know ourselves.  Have a safe, supportive place to exchange our innermost thoughts and see how others process the information was key for me. 

Just imagine loving who you are at this point in your life!  It is possible!  Thank you Joan, for your expertise and caring soul!"


"Joan made it easy for this skeptical client to share the issues that compelled me to contact a personal coach.  She is an extraordinarily compassionate listener and I found it easy to be completely honest with myself as I explored my situation from different perspectives. Joan’s warmth, resourcefulness, patience and willingness to challenge ideas is balanced with a common-sense approach to solving problems and making decisions.   With Joan I could set realistic goals and hold myself accountable for taking action steps knowing that she would be relentless in supporting me to follow through on my plan. I can’t adequately communicate with this testimonial what a fundamental role Joan played in helping me decide if I was truly ready for a change, what that change would look like, and the steps I could take to bring it about.  Call her."


"I highly recommend Joan to help you with your life. As a life coach, Joan has a gift for listening and asking the right question for you to uncover what it is you want to change in your life."


"Joan has a special way of coaching women to be happy with their bodies and who they are. Her own experience with negative body image positions her well to share her learnings, her struggles, and the tools that helped her along the way in accepting of her own body. What she did for me in six weeks was help me shift a negative mindset that I have struggled with for most of my life, into a loving one that values who I am and what I can offer the world, no matter my size. Joan, in her own gentle way, empowered me to reflect on my past, analyze my present, and plan a future with kindness and intention. I always felt heard and valued whenever I shared my own experiences, insights, and learnings with Joan."



"When we deny the story, it defines us. 

When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending"

Brene Brown