6 MONTHS TO 60!! - 6 steps to changing your mind about how to lose weight.

It’s taken me way too long to come to understand that issues around weight, such as emotional eating and overeating, have nothing to do with food.

As a WISER Woman Coach and someone who continues on her journey, I’ve made it my mission to help women create a healthy relationship with food and to help them achieve their health goals.

This means shifting our thinking and becoming more conscious of the choices we’re making.

Did You Know?

  • Approximately 80% of people who diet and lose weight put it right back on again, and sometimes even find themselves weighing more.

  • Losing weight is the #1 New Year's resolution (followed by get fit, eat healthy, save money and manage stress)…so really, then…becoming more healthy and fit takes up the top three!

  • 95% (Forbes, 2013) of all New Year's resolutions fail - 80% by the 2nd week of February (Business Insider, 2017).

Why can't we stick with the plan, lose weight and live happily ever after?

The answer is really simple…

Diets Don't Work!

Diet’s fail us because they are a band-aid fix when a whole mindset pivot is required for sustainable, long-term lifestyle choices that lead to improved health.

Keeping the weight off over time requires commitment to new healthy habits…it has absolutely nothing to do with how much willpower we possess or how motivated we are.

Restricting food, especially for years, alters our metabolism and changes our hunger hormones.

We may feel great at the outset of starting a new diet only to find that once honeymoon is over and it doesn’t go the way we’d hoped, our relationship with ourselves takes a dive - shame, disappointment, feeling like a failure, and anger with our inability to stick with it – all feelings that rise to the surface with a vengeance.

How we manage our emotions, how we view ourselves and our bodies, and our relationship with food spirals downward and we end up carrying more than just excess weight around with us.

Dieting creates the perfect storm for us to disconnect from the natural cues our body gives us.

Think about this for a minute: Your body is truly a miracle.

Your body sustains you from the cradle to the grave, it has the ability to heal, to give life, to do the things you need it to do.

When we truly love ourselves and our bodies, we’re connected to our feelings, we recognize hunger signals and stop eating when we’re satisfied – as opposed to stuffed. We don’t let ourselves get to the point of feeling starved. We hydrate and exercise regularly. When we’re in tune with what our body needs, we can fully trust our own intuition and have faith that we’ll make wise choices for our health.

Imagine your life without dieting. Imagine honouring your body and your health as you would care for someone you love. Imagine the freedom.


You’re likely reading still because at some point, you’ve come to realize that calories in and calories out hasn't worked…and hasn’t helped you resolve your emotional eating.

I believe you’re here because you’re ready to try something different to finally achieve the results you desire.


However tentatively, you've started to peel back the layers of that onion to reveal the strategies to a successful, healthy lifestyle.

Setting Yourself Up for Success

When you change your mind you change your life. It really is that simple - and that complex.

The story we hear in our mind has a dramatic effect on our success. Positive thinking, positive self-talk is an easy-to-apply strategy that has the power to set yourself up for success. All you have to do is repeat an affirmation a few times a day to yourself. Your mind is a powerful muscle – you can train it to help you achieve the results you want by telling yourself you’re already successful – and acting the part.

Want to maximize your chances for success even further?

Try "Afformations" Instead

Noah St. John created Afformations with an "O" instead of an "I". Formulating the affirmation as a question actually tricks our brain into searching for answers.

The Silver Tip to success is to remember that what we focus on is what we manifest.

If you want positive change your questions will always need to be framed in the positive.

Silver Tips to Greater Health Success – Your Action Plan

  1. In a journal or notebook, write down what you want. For example, I want to lose weight.

  2. Frame what you want (to lose weight) as a positive question. For example: Why is it so easy for me to stick with my healthy eating plan? Why is it so easy for me to release these extra pounds?

  3. Ask yourself the question many times during the day for 14 days or more - really step into the question by taking it seriously, meditating on it, writing about it, internalizing it; allow your brain to search for solutions.

  4. Each time you ask yourself the question, say "yes" 10 times (Sally Baker, Seven Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating: targeting your body by changing your mind). This action affirms the question in your mind.

  5. As you begin to notice changes happening, write them down.

  6. What new actions can you now take to help you achieve your healthiest life? How do you feel with new information and positive actions?

Winning the Emotional Eating Battle means changing how we think, being open to new ideas and trying new things and adjusting what we do along the way; making wiser choices for our health and abolishing the thinking that keeps us from making progress toward our goals.

Change takes courage.

Real change takes commitment too. It’ll mean that when we slip up, we must forgive ourselves and run after that bandwagon and jump right back on. There’s no need to wait until Monday to restart – start again right away…to make Wiser Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle.

I believe you have the power within you to achieve all of your health goals and I’d like to help you do it.

If you’d like freedom from dieting, and a step-by-step process to improved health, let’s have a chat about it.

Contact me to book a “Create the Life You Crave” free strategy call so you can find out if I’m the right partner for you on your journey to improved health and loving yourself lighter.

Can’t wait to hear from you.


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