Can You Feel What it's Like to be Free & Peaceful

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel free from worrying about your weight?

Can you imagine feeling completely at peace knowing your body has your back and will let you know what, when and how much she needs to eat?

Imagine how awesome it’d be to step off diet roller coaster for good! No more diet plans, weight loss programs, pills, potions, or broken promises of “fixing” your body issues.

I’m here to tell you that it is completely possible for you to achieve a positive, healthy relationship with food and your body and make friends with your body regardless of her size, weight or shape.

Did You Know?

  • Approximately 95% of people who diet and lose weight put it right back on again (and sometimes more) within 2-5 years

  • The diet industry in 2019 was worth $72 Billion – it continues to grow

  • Body dissatisfaction is often the gateway to dieting and food restriction, emotional eating, binge eating, diet and food addiction and obsession, over exercising, eating disorders and orthorexia

Diets Don't Work!

Diets fail us because they’re a band-aid fix to healing our relationship with food and exercise.

Our bodies will bend to our diet will and may lose weight when we restrict calories or cut food groups out. Our bodies need enough calories and nutrition to perform all the amazing functions it does for us.

Chronic dieting (sometimes for decades) messes with our body’s natural weight set-point, which sets us up for disappointment and shame when we fall off the diet roller-coaster and gain weight.

We may feel great at the outset of starting a new diet only to find that once the honeymoon is over and it doesn’t go the way we’d hoped, our relationship with ourselves takes a dive: shame, disappointment, failure, and anger with our inability to stick with it – all feelings that rise to the surface with a vengeance.

How we manage our emotions and view ourselves, our bodies, and our relationship with food, spirals and we end up carrying around more than just excess weight around with us.

Dieting creates the perfect storm for us to disconnect from the natural cues our body gives us.

Think about this for a minute: Your body is truly a miracle.

Your body sustains you from the cradle to the grave. It has the ability to heal, to give life, to do all the things you need it to do.

Imagine your life without dieting. Imagine honouring your body and your health as you would care for someone you love. Imagine the freedom.


You’re likely reading still because at some point, you’ve come to realize that calories in and calories out hasn't worked.

I believe you’re here because you’re ready to try something different - to finally achieve the peace and freedom you’ve been longing for, with food and your body.

Journey to Self Love for the W.I.S.E.R Woman

Transforming emotional eating and achieving a peaceful relationship with your body, leads to the ultimate journey and goal – Self Love!

As a WISER Woman Coach, who has finally achieved food freedom and a healthy relationship with my body after decades of struggling, it’s my personal mission to help women find freedom from dieting and to learn to value, respect and maybe even love their amazing body.

If you’ve been on the diet roller coaster for years or even decades and are ready to try a different approach, try asking yourself these questions:

  1. What have you given up because of your feelings about your body?

  2. What would happen if you were to stop dieting?

  3. How would that make a difference in your life?

  4. What does giving up ‘dieting’ mean – to you, to your loved ones?

  5. If you could step off the diet roller coaster, what would you have that you don’t have now?

Are you ready to try something new?

If you are, then I have a solution for you!

I’m delighted to extend an invitation for you to join me, and other like-minded women who are on a journey to, Self Love for the WISER Woman – my brand new 6 Week Program kicks off on October 19th.

This is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Leave dieting and diet culture’s toxicity behind you – you deserve so much better

  • Re-connect with your body’s WISDOM and natural hunger signals

  • Discover what you’re really craving - and how to manage those cravings effectively

  • Develop a balance of mind, body and soul and become compassionate with the most important person in your life – YOU!

If you’d like more information, contact me directly. Mention this blog and qualify for early-bird pricing. or Private Message me at

With Gratitude,


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