How to Connect More Deeply With Yourself This Year

Updated: Feb 1

Do you know how I used to start every New Year?

I’d begin every single year with a longing to get skinny and start my diet – again!

THIS time, I was determined! THIS would be THE year that I’d have enough will power and stick-to-itiveness to finally, finally hit my goal weight and solve all my problems.

Every January 1st, I was determined to make it THE big, life changing, goal-getting year!

THIS TIME would be different.

Different from all the other times before that I’d started a diet plan, stuck with it for a week, maybe even 2, and then promptly fell off the wagon before the turn of the calendar page.

After years of repeating and failing at the ‘New Year-New You’ Diet Plan, here’s what I learned:

  • This pattern always ended with the nasty Gremlin dancing away at the Shame & Blame Party going on inside my head

  • The more times I fell off and lost sight of that Diet Wagon as it pulled away and moved into February without me on it, the more I hated myself for being weak and undisciplined

  • My relationship with food was undoubtedly dysfunctional

No matter how strong and committed I felt at the beginning of the year, the end was always same: Dismal and Utter Failure.

Clearly, I had vacated my body many years before and continued to dishonor it by not paying attention to what she truly needs: to eat a healthy array of foods, get adequate sleep, hydrate and move this amazing body.

It’s important to acknowledged and honour our endings and beginnings. Our stories and patterns are played and replayed over again as each year comes and goes.

Starting the New Year on a diet and following a strict food plan is a recipe for disaster if you:

  • Are an emotional eater

  • Binge eat

  • Nibble excessively

  • Are addicted to dieting

  • Are compulsive with food

  • Are obsessive with body weight

But here’s the thing: It’s tough to sustain the stress and dysfunction we experience when the cycle of ‘Restrict – Binge ­­– Shame – Restrict’ only serves to create more stress and dysfunction.

Constantly worrying about what and how much to eat, whether we’ve been good or bad on our diet, and whether the scale moves in the right direction or not, puts us into fight or flight mode.

I invite you to come along with me on a different journey. This one doesn’t begin with a renewed commitment to a diet that’s destined to set you up for yet another failure.

This journey begins in a whole new place, with YOU at the center of it, creating a new relationship with food, a stronger connection to You and your miraculous body.

February 2020 is Connection Month in Join the Journey - With yourself and with others.

Are you READY to get started?

Your 1st Step: Realize YOU are not Broken and You Don’t Need Fixing

Food may very well have been your protector, your safety net, your friend, your coping strategy. Emotional eating, binge eating, obsessive dieting, addictive eating and even yo-yo dieting may have been your best attempt at reconnecting with your authentic self.

You are the only one who knows the answer as to why you use food as a way of taking care of yourself. It won’t be found in a diet plan or in a book, blog or magazine or following someone’s advice about what and how much to eat.

In your journal: Write down all the ways your challenge with food has served you? What is your challenge inviting you to learn?

Your 2nd Step: Become Aware of Your Self-Talk

Our own negative, harsh and critical words (those little Gremlin voices) have an impact on our feelings of self-worth. Self-judgment hides a belief that we’re not good enough or don’t measure up.

When we say “I need to lose weight” or “I’m so fat” or “I’m such a loser” we effectively solidify those neural pathways and strengthen those negative beliefs about ourselves.

It’s impossible to be healthy and happy when we’re fighting an ongoing, hateful battle, within our own mind – about ourselves.

In your journal: Draw a line down the middle of one page. Write down the unhealthy things you say to yourself on the left side of the page. Opposite write a positive, supportive rebuttal on the right. Notice how each feels different when you say them out loud. Practice substituting the positive statements daily.

Your 3rd Step: Decide to Change Your Relationship with Food AND with Your Body

In your journal create a vision for what you want to achieve this year by answering these questions:

  1. Where would you like to be a year from now?

  2. How would you like to feel about you and your body at the end of the year?

  3. What would your life look like?

Consider this: If you knew your weight was not going to change one ounce this year,

  • What would you be really hungry for?

  • What would you finally do that you’ve been putting off until you lost weight?

Would you like some help transforming your relationship with food and your body this year?

If so, I’d love to be your guide on the journey to a healthier and happier YOU!

Let’s have a virtual chat about where you are and where you’d like to be.

Together, we can create a map to living your life more joyfully and confidently, finally free from all that's been holding you back.

No more New-Year-New-You January-Forgotten-By-February Diet Plans that don’t work for you.

Make this year different. Truly.

Connect with me on Facebook or comment below and let's chat!

With gratitude.


Your Food Freedom and Body Image Coach

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