How to stop cravings from ruining your life and start living your desires

As a child, I loved sitting with my Dad in the evenings. It was a special time we shared, just the two of us. A sweet tooth found him enjoying a cookie or two or a bar of chocolate each night and as we sat side by side, he always shared.

I realized later in life that I loved the significance of those moments even more than I craved chocolate and cookies. It was love and connection - a bond between father and daughter.

I was a child who struggled with food and her body from an early age. Most of my friends lived in smaller bodies and could eat whatever they wanted. I, on the other hand, found a loyal and comforting friend in food. I was never at home in my body and longed to be a “normal” size.

As much as I tried hiding, hoping no one would see me, my body gave me away. Teasing and comments were difficult to swallow but what felt worse was the shame and disappointment I felt within myself.

Parents try to do the right thing, not always knowing what that is. My parents knew my struggles. They witnessed the melt downs, felt my inconsolable sobbing, and heard my pleas for help. The solution was to cut back, stop nibbling, watch my portions, and stop eating sweets. It all sounded good and made logical sense.

But what about those sweet moments with my Dad?

Our cravings aren’t always about food, even though we believe we need chocolate or chips to manage our feelings.

Cravings are defined in a dictionary as "an intense, urgent, or abnormal desire or longing". Desires are defined as "to long or hope for, to express a wish for".

As an emotional and binge eater, I dreaded cravings. I felt weak giving into them and needy for even having them. It never occurred to me that they were signals, offering an opportunity to take my power back, learn to listen to my inner wisdom, and come home to my body.

When we're consumed with cravings there's little room to dance with desire.

After dissolving my craving for chocolate and cookies, my desire for love and connection emerged. It was no surprise that I immediately went back to those sweet moments with my Dad. He laid the foundation of love and connection for me, one I cherish and value.

Without cravings as a distraction, you get to experience what you really desire and wish for.

Imagine dissolving your food cravings and replacing them with what you truly need!

4 Questions to Dissolve Your Cravings

Sit quietly, breathe deeply 3 times, and ask yourself:

  • If I could satisfy this craving with something other than food, what would it be?

  • What are my emotions and body guiding me towards?

  • Do I need to move my body, write in my journal, chat with a friend or partner, or something else?

  • If I choose to eat the food I’m craving can I eat it with Full Permission and let go of any negative feelings around it?

When you learn to satisfy your cravings you have mental, physical, emotional and soulful space to focus on your desires.

While cravings keep you connected to tough feelings you’ve worked hard to avoid, desire opens you up to possibilities. Cravings keep you feeling small and needy, whereas desire generates options and hope.

Become the person you were meant to be, light your inner fire and follow your heart’s desire. ~Leon Brown

Connect with Your Inner Desires

There’s no right or wrong way to discover your desires. Here's some ideas to get you started:

  • It might mean sitting quietly with your thoughts, remembering your past and the dreams and desires you once wanted.

  • It could mean going on an imaginary journey into your future.

If you were to imagine yourself 5 years from now, who would you be, what would you be doing, what would your life be like?

After asking yourself these questions, imagine looking back to today. What have you done or accomplished? What desires did you fulfill?

  • It might mean connecting with your best friend or partner over a glass of wine or special coffee, to brainstorm ideas.

What activities would be fun? What would satisfy your romantic or intimate

desires? Are you desiring more adventure and action? What else?

  • It could mean connecting with your dreams? Are they your desires? Can they translate into actions and reality?

So, lovely soul, what are your cravings and desires? How will you take back your power from food and step into your desires fully? What's your plan?

I promise you won't regret the journey to dissolving your cravings and fulfilling your desires. And, it's a funny thing that without cravings, food issues seem to disappear, life gets easier.

If you’d like some help or support dissolving your cravings easily and quickly so you can focus on your desires and create a peaceful relationship with food and your body, let’s connect for a Complimentary Discovery call HERE. Together we'll craft a plan and get you started on your Journey to food and body freedom!

With Gratitude,


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