I Choose to Love and Accept Myself

Are you a woman whose life is dominated by an obsession with food and dieting?

Are you someone who turns to food in those moments when feeling overwhelmed?

Are you one who can’t stop from eating the whole box of cookies, a jar of peanut butter, and a pint of butterscotch ice cream, knowing that guilt and shame will follow quickly?

As a woman trapped for decades in a love-hate relationship with food, and who has felt the scars of her own internal wars with food and her body, I can attest to the pain and emotional scarring our bodies, minds and souls experience when we believe we have no control around food.

I’m also acutely aware of the damage diet culture and a society preoccupied with thin causes to our self-worth.

I understand how food and exercise becomes the panacea for deep, dysfunctional patterns and trauma lurking below the surface, hidden just enough for us to feel off balance but not know why.

The stress and anxiety that triggers an eating frenzy is familiar, solidly carved in deep neural pathways that we believe will never change.

And yet, there is a way out!

What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping?

EFT is a simple body/mind technique that can effectively transform those nasty gremlin voices, negative beliefs, trauma and unhelpful feelings preventing us from being our best and living life to the fullest.

EFT has roots dating back to the ancient practice of Chinese energy medicine and the development of acupuncture. Like acupuncture minus the needles, our fingers gently tap on the acupressure points on our bodies.

As we know it today, EFT was created by Engineer, Gary Craig, who recognized that our energy pathways or meridians in the body become blocked when we experience trauma or stress. Tapping on these meridian points releases the blocked energy, allowing us to shift from stressed and anxious to calm and in control.

Tapping on meridian points reaches the amygdala, the part of your brain that sparks the fight or flight response when we feel threatened. As we tap, we send signals to the Amygdala to stand down, relax. And, voila! We become calm, free from the anxiety trap that highjacks our minds and bodies.

EFT is also a powerful and effective tool that can help transform our relationship with food and our bodies to one that is healthier, more balanced, loving and accepting.

EFT, Cravings and Body Hatred

Remember the bag of chips that called your name until you devoured the entire bag or the family size chocolate bar you purchased “for the kids” but inhaled the minute you got home?

Or the pan of brownies you made as a treat, knowing you’ll eat them in secret, so no one knows you’ve cheated on your diet – again?

Maybe you baked bread for your family but couldn’t resist one slice, tempting you away from your recent diet and vow to stop eating carbs, knowing one slice wasn’t enough.

Tapping dissolves your cravings.

With EFT, food you didn’t believe you could have in the house becomes neutralized.

With Tapping, food is just food – nothing more.

Tapping reinstates your power.

EFT Restores Balance Within Your Body and Mind

When we’re ready to seek help with food and body issues, counselling is a popular choice and serves to bring awareness to emotional eating and to create new, healthier habits around food and fitness.

However, if underlying trauma from our earlier years hasn’t yet been worked through, no amount of talking about our weight, body hatred, emotional eating or a new diet will resolve the past or transform these issues.

With tapping, all of our painful past experiences can be transformed so we’re no longer emotionally attached and suffering from old wounds and hurts and feeling of failure.

Tapping helps us gain our sense of control and freedom so we can choose to live and eat the way we want to.

Emotional eating and bingeing are a thing of my past. Tapping has helped me replace my fear of food and eating with a renewed love of food and a greater appreciation for my body and how I live my life.

If you’d like to find food and body image freedom too, I’d love to help.

Let’s have a chat about how EFT might just change your life so you can make emotional eating a thing of your past and live your life confident, joyful and free.

Book your free consultation today.

With Gratitude,


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