Join the Journey

I’ve been writing my blog, 6 Months to 60, for almost a year and as all things, it has evolved. It’s no longer about the journey to my 60th birthday since that’s already come and gone. Join the Journey, my new title, is about the Journey we are all on together as we step into our power, fully and completely, gain wisdom through experience, and make choices to support a healthy lifestyle.

It’s about:

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs and our inner critic that for many of us have kept us from being who we want to be and doing more of what makes our hearts sing and fulfills our souls.

  • Becoming deliciously comfortable in our bodies.

  • Gaining the courage to stop dieting so we can create a healthy relationship with food and allowing our bodies to heal from too much or too little and shift into the weight we were meant to be at.

  • The freedom to feel all of our feelings, choose behaviors that nourish us, and finally give us the courage to emerge from behind our shadow to share our new life-giving, empowering stories.

  • And, most importantly, it’s about committing to self-care - mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually or soulfully so we can Create the Life We Crave.

I invite you to join me on this journey to becoming even WISER!

Join the Journey is a place for us to share as if we were having a delicious cup of coffee or tea or even a glass of wine together. I’ll post about what’s on my mind and

I just love it when comments are left, and a conversation is started. If you’ve read this and know in your heart that the time is right for you to make some changes for your health, but you aren’t sure where to start, please accept my offer to connect with me. I’d be delighted to partner with you and help you reshape your beliefs, transform emotional eating and stop dieting, and to learn to care for the most important person in your life – You! Life is far too short to spend it in a never-ending cycle of shame and regret. I know because I’ve been right there with you, stuck and unhappy. Don’t waste any more time waiting to live your life when you are thinner, better, smarter, or _______?

Learn to live a joyous life – today – just as you are – a miracle in every sense and on a journey to healthier thoughts, a stronger mind and a glorious body. Freedom. Right Here. Right Now. Are you ready to Create the Life You Crave?

Connect with me at or on facebook at With gratitude, Joan

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