What Happens When you Become a Fat Thought Buster

Do you call yourself names before during and after you eat a whole package of crackers or inhale a pint of ice cream or squeeze the last drop out of a bottle of wine?

Has yelling at yourself for falling off the diet wagon, again, become a loud and predictable sound in your head?

Do you berate yourself for the size of your body, call yourself fat, and compare yourself to everyone around you?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are suffering from Fat Thoughts!

Now, Fat Thoughts don't happen all the time - they are special and have the kind of power that a wicked witch or Hungry Monster has to convince you to drive in a direction you know spells disaster and disappointment.

I was invited to a wedding recently and, in spite of the fact that I've stopped dieting and am successfully transforming emotional eating, Fat Thoughts tested my resolve to continue driving in the direction I have committed to!

Fat Thoughts lie in wait for these moments.

Here's how they sabotage us:

An event happens, such as an invitation to a wedding. Right after thinking how lovely it is to be invited, Fat Thoughts intervene and right on cue remind us that we are not the right size, we've put weight on or we haven't lost enough weight, or we have nothing to wear that makes us look slim, and everyone will see how fat we really are and talk about it.

Before we know it, Fat Thoughts have created a story about how bad we are that takes on a life of it's own and we begin to yell at ourselves. "If only we'd stuck with our diet, if only we weren't so fat, if only we were better, smarter, more disciplined..."

Food and dieting become our preoccupation.

Panic sets in as we, once again, can't stop from reaching into the fridge or cupboard for something to eat.

There are two parts to this process:

After Fat Thoughts hijack our brain, we reach for food that we have magically decided will take the feelings we don't want to feel away, and then we yell at ourselves for eating. We have successfully out-thought and out-muscled our original signals (feelings) that hold the key to transforming emotional eating and dealing with the real issues.

If we were to ask ourselves at the moment Fat Thoughts invade us to name the issue or concern we have, we'd likely say "It's because I can't stick with my diet" or "I'm so fat; I don't know what to do." or "It's because I'm addicted to sugar, bread, fat, etc.".

The truth is that Fat Thoughts are never about fat - they are always about the issue that gets

lost when we reach for food. Whether we are considered to be overweight or not (either by the culture we are influenced by or our own beliefs) our Fat Thoughts only occur when we experience an issue or feelings we don't want to feel.

Fat Thought Busters:

There are two things we have control over:

  1. Our thoughts (after the first initial thought to an event or experience) and

  2. Our actions (unless we can't physically act).

Our feelings and how our bodies respond are our signals that tell us to run, fight, freeze or whether we are going in the right direction or not.

Here's what happens when Fat Thoughts have taken over :

Here's what happens when you become a Fat Thought Buster:

Did you notice the difference in our thoughts, what we do, how we feel and what happens in our body when we are busting Fat Thoughts?

Just like the wheels on our car, the front wheels (Thoughts & Actions) lead the back wheels (Feelings & Body) and as we sit in the driver's seat we get to choose which direction our front wheels go in.

We can choose to feel better and more relaxed so we have the space and energy to get to the root of our emotional eating - after all, we deserve to live our lives free from the shackles of diets and those limiting beliefs that keep us from Joining the Journey to Living the Life We Crave.

If you'd like to explore how you can become a Fat Thought Buster and experience what it's like to drive your car in the direction you want to go in, connect with me by email at or at for a complimentary Discovery call.

Join the Journey with me to transform emotional eating, stop dieting and lose weight on your terms.

With gratitude,


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