Why is it Important to Create the Life You Crave?

Updated: Jan 30

Have you ever secretly wonder what it would be like to stop dieting?

It wasn’t an easy decision to stop dieting and jump off the diet rollercoaster.

In fact, I still have the occasional moments of thinking that maybe I should just go back to counting calories or tracking points. It would be so easy.

After all, isn’t losing weight just about calories in, calories out?

And then, as suddenly as I begin to imagine taking a step onto that enticing diet rollercoaster again, I am pulled back from the never-ending ride of highs and lows, my mind and body screaming at me to stop.

Like a bad dream, I’m reminded about

  • the way I used to call myself names

  • the feelings of failure, shame and regret I used to feel because I couldn’t stick with the plan for more than 2 minutes

  • how my body gained and lost the same weight over and over in reaction to dieting, restriction, and overeating

  • bingeing on food that was “bad”, promising myself that tomorrow I would start again and be “good”

I spent a lot of time fighting myself before cancelling my membership to Weight Watchers. Fear of what would happen to my weight kept me from quitting – I was scared that I would “let myself go”, that I would eat myself into oblivion and that I would never again lose weight.

How would I manage my emotions if I couldn’t numb them with food or swallow them?

But here’s the thing:

In all the years I’d spent dieting and counting calories or points, I’d achieved my goal weight only twice in my life and once kept the weight off for a year and a half!

Isn’t the definition of insanity to keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results?

There’s two kinds of dieters:

In my experience there are those who can use a diet plan to lose weight efficiently and effortlessly – it’s information and a means to an end.

Then there are those of us who use food to manage emotions and we’ve created strong habits that support the need to soothe and ignore our feelings such as anxiety and stress. For us, dieting and its mentality seems like the answer to all our problems; and yet, we struggle, often for years.

If you’ve become disillusioned and frustrated with dieting and your results have been more of the same over and over again, maybe it’s time to look at changing things up.

Ask yourself the exact same questions I did as I became increasingly unsettled with this roller-coaster ride:

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