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I’m Joan Ridsdel, your Food Freedom and Body Confidence Coach & Registered Social Worker.

My life’s purpose and mission is to help women create a peaceful relationship with food and their bodies.  

Hello Lovely Soul!  Welcome!

You’re a woman who’s spent years feeling out of control around food and disliking her body.  You know in

your heart that going on another diet won’t solve the problem and more hours in the gym won’t fix how you feel. 

With every cell of your being you long for a peaceful relationship with food.  

You’ve wondered what it would be like to throw points or calories and your diet journal out the window. And secretly you’ve imagined ditching your inner critic or mean girl, leaving her behind in the dust. 


Somewhere in the dark crevices of your mind, you’ve seen a glimmer of light and hope that one day, you could truly enjoy a meal without swallowing a heavy dose of guilt or shame with it.

Every fiber within you craves the freedom to feel comfortable in your body.


Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you could look at your reflection in the window and think “Damn, you look good!”


There’s a whole industry out there that has you believing you’re broken. That you need fixing. That unless you reach a certain number on the scale or look a certain way, you aren’t good enough.

Step into your power, feel fully embodied, relaxed around food & confident about  who you are.

As a woman who has transformed her relationship with food and her body, I help you end your constant struggle between food and your emotions, the shame you feel after a binge, your food addiction and obsession with dieting, and the endless jumping on and falling off the same diet roller coaster

As I walk beside you on your new and exciting journey (without dieting), you’ll have the tools and information you need to find peace and joy with food, create a new appreciation for your body, gain freedom from old, limiting beliefs, and clear away trauma and troubling past experiences. Healing allows you to re-connect with your body’s inner WISDOM and your Intuition.

I’d be honoured to cross the bridge with you and witness your growth in confidence, resilience, self-compassion and see you have the energy to create the life you crave. 

Forest Suspensionn Bridge

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new."